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Minor Grants

Uses of Minor Grants

The mission of the Niwot High School Education Foundation is, “to enhance and enrich the teaching and learning experience at NHS for all students and faculty.” Mini Grant proposals that are consistent with this mission will be considered.

General Information

  • The maximum to be awarded per proposal is $600.00. The total school year Minor Grant fund is set by the NHSEF Board and is based on donations. The fund amount is currently decided upon at a NHSEF board meeting prior to the start of each new school year. The annual fund amount may change year to year.

  • Examples of how Minor Grant funds may be used include, but are not limited to, the following: student field trips, classroom equipment, software, some hardware, teaching materials/supplies, student & teacher registration fees to conferences, busing to conferences and field trips.

  • Minor Grant funds may not be used for furniture, lodging, or paying substitute teachers.

  • Minor Grant funds may not be used to purchase any equipment for sports teams at NHS. The funds may however be used to purchase equipment for PE classes.

  • Any equipment purchased with NHSEF Grant money must remain at NHS.

  • When all Minor Grant funding for the school year has been allocated, no additional proposals will be considered until the following school year.

  • Programs developed with the use of Minor Grant money must be fully implemented by the end of the school year.

  • Minor Grants will not be considered for events that have already occurred, or for materials/equipment that have already been purchased.


Who May Apply for a Minor Grant

  • Any full or part-time staff currently employed by NHS.

  • Students are not allowed to apply for any NHSEF grant. However, a faculty or staff person may apply on the student’s behalf. No funds may be used for an individual student’s college visits or any part of the college application process.

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